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Mar 30, 2018



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From March 30 to July 8, 2018, la Condition Publique presents the exhibition HABITARIUM. Conceived as a multidisciplinary event, the exhibition will host an ephemeral village on rooftop terraces, artist's residences, workshops, concerts and debates.

Housing is a primary need, trivial, shared by all. And at the same time, the space we inhabit is particularly complex, at the intersection of the intimate and the collective. Personal space, it is also a marker of our societies. It is central in the responses to the challenges of the new century: reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preserving biodiversity, limiting resources and waste, new solidarities, migrations, living together... 
Our habitat is an important element for designers, researchers and thinkers; they are artists, urban planners, architects, but also, philosophers entrepreneurs... Knowing that 75% of the housing of tomorrow is already built today, how to adapt our models to the challenges to come? 

Under the artistic direction of COAL.
Partners : The Abbé Pierre Foundation, La Fondation Abbé Pierre, l'École Supérieure d'Architecture et de Paysage de Lille, FRAC Grand Large, La Fabrique des Quartiers SPLA, S.P.L. Euralille, lille —design

  • Exhibition Habitarium 

La Condition Publique
14 Place du Général Faidherbe
59 100 Roubaix
From Wednesday to Saturday from 1PM to 7PM
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Slide Habitarium Maxime Dufour Lan Slide Com Lan Venice Pavillion 20160530 40651 Slide Habitarium Maxime Dufour Lan 2 Slide Habitarium Maxime Dufour 3 Slide Habitarium Maxime Dufour 4

ci-dessus, vues de la maquette de Bègles à la Biennale de Venise 2016 (© Julien Lanoo) et Agora Bordeaux 2017 (© Philippe Billard).