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Elsa is graduated from ENSA Paris -Val de Seine and at ENSA Paris- La Villette. She has worked for two years in Paris as a junior architect at Marchi architecture studio or helping conducting the construction site of Accor Hotel Arena. After one year in the studio Ledroit Pierret Polet based in Bruxelles, working on different scales of project, she joined LAN in June 2018.

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Elsa Glass

Lead architect


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After graduating in Architecture from Milan Polytechnic, Paolo moved to Venice for the Master in Digital Architecture at IUAV. He came to Paris in 2015 and spent tree years working with ArtefactoryLab on 3D architectural representation. Paolo joined Lan in October 2018 and is part of the 3D Departement.

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Paolo Ceresatto



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Laure studied architecture at ENSA Bretagne and ENSA Paris La Villette in France, and at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. During her studies she has worked for NP2F and then for different agencies: Jacques Ferrier Architecture, ANMA (Nicolas Michelin & Associés), Manuelle Gautrand Architecture, Moreau Kusunoki Architects. She joined LAN in January 2018 and is part of the team in charge of the redevelopment of the Grand Palais.

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Laure Kovalski

Lead architect


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Giovanna studied architecture in Italy at the Politecnico di Milano. After her graduation, she worked for one year in Italy, before moving to Paris. Giovanna joined LAN in October 2006.

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Giovanna Pasinelli

Lead architect


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Dorothée completed her studies in the Architecture School of Nancy (ENSAN). After few years in Nancy, she collaborated with Marc Mimram in Paris. Then, she joined LAN's team in February 2013, where she first workded on competition. At the moment, she is working on Le Maillon Theater, and on the Fire-rescue center of Rennes. 

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Dorothée Riou

Lead architect


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After studying law, art history and management, Alysée entered the art market world working at Sotheby's and Christie's before working in galleries in France and Italy. She joined LAN in 2015 to take care of the administrative and financial management of the agency, as well as the human ressources.

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Alysée Medallin

Administration HR


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Philippe holds a diploma from the Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture in Paris, Philippe Pelletier started his career as an architect at the Lablaude (architect of Hictoric Buildings). He has then collaborated with several agencies including the studio Grumbach. In 2010, he joined LAN to drive the construction sites of the Gymnase in Chelles and differents Housing units programme in Paris (Fréquel, Saussure). Philippe is currently in charge of the site supervision of the Student Residence in Saclay, a mixed-used programme in Nantes and the minimum security prison in Nanterre.

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Philippe Pelletier

Lead Architect


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Marc-Antoine studied architecture at ENSA Paris la Villette as well as completing a diploma in philosophy. He is now a lecturer at ENSA Clermont Ferrand and researcher in the laboratory Ressources, with work that focuses on theories and criticism of modern heritage. Since 2018 he is editor of the project As Found. He joined LAN in 2020 as Research Manager.

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Marc-Antoine Durand

Lead research


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Marco obtained his degree in architecture at the Univeristé Roma Tre in 2016 and his professional accreditation in 2017. After a first internship in Paris in 2015, he returned to France in 2017. After 5 years of experience in CAAU and Fresh Architecture, he joined the LAN team in February 2022.

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Marco Proietti



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Marine graduated from ENSA Paris-Val de Seine and completed her HMONP in Strasbourg. With several experiences in Paris, with Christian de Portzamparc, Valode & Pistre, and ChartierDalix; and in Hamburg, with gmp Architekten, she joined LAN to take charge of competitions and studies for projects located in Germany. She is currently working on two public facilities, a primary school in Leipzig and an administrative building in Hamburg.

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Marine Szymczak

Chef de projet


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After obtaining a BTS in Tooling Design and Production and then a Mention Complémentaire Maquette Volume in Brittany, Julien worked as a model maker at the Artefact workshop and then at the Viguier architecture agency in Paris. He joined LAN in 2022.

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Julien Cormier



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After studying architecture at Politecnico di Milano and TU Delft, Isabella graduated in 2018 and passed the professional qualification exam. During her studies, she did several internships and followed the multidisciplinary honors program of Alta Scuola Politecnica. She collaborated with various architecture offices between Paris and Milan. She joined LAN in June 2019.

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Isabella Flore



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Luigi graduated in architecture from Politecnico di Milano in July 2021. In Italy, he worked with several architectural firms including baukuh and Degli Esposti Architetti. He joined LAN's team in February 2022 for the exhibition Napoli Super Modern at SAM in Basel

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Luigi Guerini

Architecte / Chargé de recherche


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After studying at the Polytechnic of Turin and the EPFL in Lausanne, Ahmed graduated as an architect and urban planner in 2022. He started his internship at LAN in October of the same year.

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Ahmed Mansouri



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Bianca graduated in April 2022. During her years in Italy, she collected several professional experiences and internships in Milanese architecture studios, among them squels Baukuh and Fabio Novembre Studio. Bianca joined LAN in May 2022.

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Bianca Balzini



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Andrea studied architecture in Ferrara, Italy and in Montpellier. He will graduate in June 2021. During his school career, he worked with the firm AMAA as an intern. After graduation, he passed the professional qualification exam and collaborated with FLO on national architectural competitions. He will join LAN in April 2022.

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Andrea Vittoria



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Sacha Uzbelger

Perspectiviste 3D