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Sep 20, 2017

AGORA Biennale


On the occasion of the Architecture Biennale of Bordeaux, AGORA 2017, LAN presents at the Hangar 14 the models of the two projects Carré Lumière in Bègles and Lormont Génicart, initially realized for the Venice Biennale of Archicture 2016. 

Under the artistic direction of Bas Smets, the exhibition at Hangar 14 imagines a landscape that thinks like a building. Open windows on the river side, its poles forest is enriched by more than 300 trees. A calligram of the Garonne flows between all these elements, like a flood of signposts. On the ground floor, the scenography becomes landscape, while on the floor, the exhibition entitled "Paysages augmentés" explores the ambitions of the landscape project through a double search.

Here are some images of the installation.

20 - 24 September 
Quai des Chartrons, Bordeaux
Free entrance.

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