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26 October 2016

Selection of books

by Samuel Hoppe, VOLUME's bookseller


For the end of this year, LAN shares with you a selection of books. They are commented and presented by Samuel Hoppe, the director of the library VOLUME in Paris. 7 books hold our attention, in regards with their link to the actuality of the studio as well as for their rich content.


1. Residential Towers – Annette Gigon / Mike Guyer / Felix Jerusalem

Genuine story of the housing tower, this book directed by the duo Gigon/Guyer associated with Félix Jerusalem (architect) and published by GTA Verlag (the edition structure of the ETH Zürich) is the fruit of a research led as part as the polytechnic school of Zürich. Everything is there: plans, sections and photos with texts in order to know everything about the 80 remarkable towers inhabiting the towns of the entire world and increasing the urban density in one strong architectural gesture. 

Broché: 348 pages

Publisher : GTA Publishers (November 15, 2015)

Dimensions : 24,1 x 2,8 x 27,9 cm

2. The Social Project – Housing Postwar France

Kenny Cupers, graduated from Harvard, had been interested in an almost unknown topic in France: the social housing in France after the Second World War. The France which interests him is clearly less touristic than the one in the city centers. It is located in the other side of the ring. It is as rich for the history of the territory and the social rifts, though. With this thesis, only published in English under the name THE SOCIAL PROJECT, it tells the story of social housing in France from the reconstruction. 

Broché: 424 pages

Publisher: University of Minnesota Press (May 1, 2014)

Dimensions : 20,3 x 3,3 x 25,4 cm

3.  Review n°3 Typology – Emanuel Christ & Christoph Gantenbein

Review 3 is the third volume of a collection dedicated to Christ & Gantenbein, architects from Basel, and the second devoted to the research and teaching work they lead at the ETH of Zürich. This book devoted to 4 towns : Paris, Dehli, Sao Paolo and Athens opens with a text from Rafael Moneo about the typology and pursue with an analysis of the housing buildings of theses 4 cities before ending with a photographic work offering application cases of the buildings. In their researches both Swiss architects focus on housings in which they live, the ones that build the cities. 

228 pages

Publisher: Park Books (2015)

Dimensions: 24.5 x 32.5 cm

4. L'idée de Confort, une Anthologie du Zazen au Toursime Spatial - Tony Côme et Juliette Pollet

On the 11th of November 2015, the Poirel Gallery in Nancy presented “Zones de confort” devoted to the design collection of CNAP. Juliette Pollet was responsible for the curating with the Studio GGSV. The book “L’idée de confort”, an anthology, comes in complement of the exhibition. It is not a catalogue but has been made and published after the exhibition. Tony Côme, design historian and the architect Juliette Pollet, gathered in this book published by the editions B42 and layed out by deValence, all the important texts dedicated to comfort. Therefore, it creates the story of comfort. 

276 pages

Publisher: B42 (June 2016)

Dimensions: 15,6 x 24 cm

5. Lexicon n°1 on the role of architect - Tom Avermaete & Hans Teerds

Salomon Frausto, from Berlage in Delft, coordinated the redaction of a double illustrated lexicon aiming to precise the structuring terms of “what is architecture”, today at the time when 3D print and strategies coming from video games serve the conception of towns. In 42 + 37 key words, it describes the panorama of the exercise of the profession.  

189 pages

Publisher: The Berlage (2016)

6. AFTER BELONGING - The objects, Spaces, and Territories at the Ways We Stay in Transit

AFTER BELONGING is the name of the 2016 Oslo triennale, as well as the title of its catalogue. The curators collective worked about the notion of belonging in the heart of a moment when the flows of people and goods get to volumes never reached before. With AFTER BELONGING, it is the feeling of attachment to places which is questioned. What or where do you belong to? Which relations do we build with objects?

400 pages

Publisher: Lars Müller Publishers

Dimensions: 16,5 x 24 cm

7. HIPPIE MODERNISM – The Struggle for Utopia

Catalogue of an exhibition which occurred in Minneapolis and in Bloomfield Hills in 2016 and will start again in Berkeley in 2017, HIPPIE MODERNISM – THE STRUGGLE FOR UTOPIA analyses the struggle and the input to the counter-culture in the United States of America in the 60’s and in the beginning of the 70’s. Treating architecture, design and art, the book, strong of a rich iconography, tells the desire of the youth of a society more free, happier, more creative. Architectural experimentations, performances, objects as innovative than the Wobo bottle developed by Heineken in order to be drank and used to build, etc. are presented to better understand (and remember) that utopia is still a struggle. 

448 pages

Publisher: Walker Art Center, 2015

Dimensions: 24 x 29,8 cm