September - December 2018

AA School, London | SDIS, Rennes | Polaris, Nantes | Maillon Theater, Strasbourg | MSP, Nanterre | Saint-Blaise Nursery, Paris XX | Wood Up Tower, Paris XIII | Saint-Urbain, Strasbourg

Sdis Cover Hl New

SDIS, Rennes

A signal along the Vilaine river

The facade of the SDIS (Departmental Fire and Rescue Service) of Rennes is in progress. The checkerboard pattern of the windows in red concrete tinted in the mass creates a volume open on the outside.

Nantes Plot 1 Cover Hl New

The Polaris District, Nantes

A pedestrian zone

Under construction, the outdoor spaces create a continuity with the Loire banks, inside the Polaris entirely pedestrian district. Although the parcel is private, all the exterior areas are open to the city. The forecourt, heart of the project, will become a public place reconveyed to the city.

Nantes Plot 5 Cover Hl

Polaris Plot 5, Nantes

Polaris district, interior design of Plot 3 & 5

Interiors of the Polaris district are in progress, and the school of Vatel is already open. The delivery of all buildings is scheduled on December 2018.

Cover New Aa

AA School of Architecture, London

Form, City & Density, AA Diploma 5 2018-2019

After his experience at Columbia University GSAPP, Umberto Napolitano will be teaching at AA School of Architecture in London for 2018-2019. With Diploma 5 « Form, City & Density », students will learn how to use the city as a material, as a source of infinite ideas and history to develop an architectural project.

Creche Cover Hl New

Saint-Blaise nursery, Paris

Delivery of the collective nursery and day-care center

Located on Saint-Blaise street in the 20th district of Paris, this project of nursery and day-care center fits into a narrow plot, leading to a layered architecture. This compactness induces a formal readability, excluding any monumental effect, related to its urban context, and at the children’s level.

Nanterre Cover Hl New

Minimum Security Prison, Nanterre

The Minimum Security Prison shows new colours

The Corten steel façade of the Minimum Security Prison of Nanterre shows new colors. This first layer made of perforated sheet steel envelops the facade and creates a visual filtration while offering an architecture with a strong and unified identity.

Campo | Architecture is everything

4th edition of the annual Workshop and Exhibition at CAMPO in Roma

"Here is a model of architecture, Auguste Perret tells me, showing me a splendid ostrich egg, made of incredibly polished and fine material, arranged according to a beautiful curve. It contains a whole life, an infinitely complex mechanism enclosed within a perfect form of pure limestone, in a simple form devoid of all ornament, a soft and serene form. The complex in the simple, expressed by the simple, a beautiful material arranged according to a beautiful form, such must be the beauty of modern architecture, the beauty that is a respite from our feverish lives. The elegance and harmony of lines, proportions and beautiful materials make a beautiful work, its sincerity, and its real richness." Auguste PERRET (1987-1954)

Saint Urbain Cover Hl

Saint-Urbain, Strasbourg

News from the construction site

The construction is continuing on ZAC Etoile in Strasbourg. The seven concrete buildings of the block are in progress. A first show apartment will be available in November 2018.

Cover New

Wood'Up Tower, Paris XIII

The sale offering of the Wood'Up Tower is launched!

The Wood'Up Tower, a project launched by SEMAPA, is on sale. With its exceptional location on the Seine at the corner of Boulevard Jean Simon and Quai d'Ivry, this building will be one of the largest wooden structures in France.

Facade Ecole

ENSA Paris-Belleville

Conference | Umberto Napolitano | "Forms in motion"

For this conference, Umberto Napolitano concentrates on the essential question of forms in architecture. First creative act of the architect, it generates a second one: imagining movements, giving a building the ability to survive beyond the function it was originally built for. A starting point of a narrative, this approach translates a vision exceeding the client or the function, and considering this continuum that is the city, our city.