October - November 2019

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Lan Nanterre Cover Cyrille Weiner

Mininum-security prison of Nanterre


The minimum-security prison located in the city of Nanterre has just been completed.

Niemeyer4Ever Cover



The photographer Giovanna Silva invited Umberto to write the foreword of her new book on Oscar Niemeyer's unfinished project in Tripoli.

Lan Aa Le Theatre Cover


The theater

Umberto Napolitano with Andrea Guazzieri teach Diploma 5 at the Architectural Assocation School of Architecture. DIP5 studies the relationship between architecture and the city, using the main elements of urbanity. This year the theater is at the center of research.

M Maillon


Opening November 23rd

The sign of the Théâtre du Maillon has been delivered and the housewarming is scheduled for the 23th of November.

Lan Saussure Cover Cyrille Weiner



Five years later, Cyrille Weiner once again photographed Saussure. Inspired by the Haussmanian building, this project presents a total reversibility between housing and office. It was at the origin of all the research carried out by LAN on Paris Haussmann.

Nanterre Chantier Cover

Minimum-security prison of Nanterre

Evolution of the construction site

From the requirements of the prison administration to the large number of lots, the site of le quartier de semi liberté has been one of the most complex to manage. A look at the evolution.

Nacarat Briques



We are currently finalizing details of the facades of the Nacarat project.

Csl Chantier Cover

Minimum-security prison of Nanterre

Blurring the feeling of heterotopia

The minimum-security prison of Nanterre was above all an opportunity to confront the typology of the prison with recent societal considerations, with the ambition of blurring the feeling of heterotopy between the city ​​and the enclosure of the penitentiary.




On October 1st, President Emmanuel Macron pre-inaugurated the Théâtre du Maillon which he describes as "a magical place that can constantly reinvent itself, be reconfigured, remodeled."

Bruxelles Cover


Competition won

LAN and MDW Architecture have won the competition for the construction of 340 housing units in Brussels.

Gallery Ljubjana Cover



Here is our proposal submitted to the competition for the construction of the headquarters of Dimnikcobau d.o.o in Ljublana.

Lan Lor Facades Black 02



How to transform socially, culturally and technologically large-scale real estate projects after the war? Could the Lormont project have been possible in Vienna? Umberto Napolitano tried to answer those questions during his lecture on 25 September at the Architekturzentrum in Vienna.