December - January 2018

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Grand Palais restoration and development project

Press conference

On Monday February 12, 2018, a ministerial press conference has unveiled the Grand Palais restoration and development project, the aim of which is to restore the beauty and audacity of its original design. Closure for restoration work is planned from the end of 2020 to spring 2023. Have a look at the images.

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by photographer Pino Musi

Paris XVII 40 housing units, tribute to the 19th century architecture, to the Haussmann building, through the eyes of Paris-based photographer Pino Musi. Enjoy the black & white photography series

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The RIBA EUROPA talks consist of presentations by four emerging architects from countries in Europe that share a border: two from one country and two from another; e.g. France and Belgium which LAN will be part of on 23 January 2018.

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Lighting project


An ephemeral lighting project of the tower "360° View" on the Île of Nantes by the architect and lighting designer Nicolas Houel was proposed during the holidays. Have a look.

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Polaris Nantes

By photographer Pino Musi

Pino Musi went to Nantes to photograph the Polaris construction site located on the banks of the Loire. His series of phototographs has been exhibited at the Pisa Architecture Biennial devoted to the theme of the City and Water.

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Villes rangées

Armelle Caron

Cities are omnipresent in her work. In "Les Villes rangées", one of the most famous series of the artist Armelle Caron, they are observed, cut, organized and ranked. Each form is being arranged or sequenced. Have a look at this body of work.

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The Guest

Armelle Caron

LAN invites you to meet THE GUEST. A rendez-vous which highlights a striking personality for the studio: artist, fellow, co-worker, inspiring people… Discover with us, the guest of the month: Armelle Caron.

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Pisa Architecture Biennial

From 19 to 28 November 2017, the urban renewal project under construction on the island of Nantes was being honored as part of the biennial architecture of Pisa that focused on the fascinating and deep connection between European cities and the element of water.

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Charity auction

Emergency Architects Foundation

LAN has supported the charity auction of architectural drawings and photographs organized at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal for the benefit of the Emergency Architects Foundation by donating a digital print of "Paris Haussmann".

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Paris Haussmann

Chicago Architecture Biennial

The exhibition Paris Haussmann is visible until January 7 in Chicago, when the Biennial Architecture 2017 will close its doors permanently.

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Lecture Paris Haussmann


Umberto Napolitano was the guest of Studio Andrea Caputo and curator Manuel Orazi on 16 November in Milan for a lecture on Paris Haussmann, an exhibition visible next Spring in Lisbon.

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Nordic Architecture Fair


LAN has given a lecture at the Nordic Architecture Fair held in Gothenburg on November 7. The whole event focused on key issues related to the growth of urbanization, the city or the architecture of tomorrow.

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Grand Palais

Historical megastructure

A documentary on the Grand Palais, one of the most emblematic monuments in France: 72,000 m² of total area, 200,000 tons of stone and 13,500 m² of glass. LAN will complete its redevelopment by 2023.