March - April 2017

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Extension of PARIS HAUSSMANN, Modèle de Ville

Encouraged by its success, the exhibition is exended until 4th June at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal. Have a look at the images of the installation.

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Social Housing Exhibition


RIBA will host between 18th April and 29th May, the exhibition Social Housing that will features, among others, our project of 79 housing units in Bègles.

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Polaris Nantes


In Nantes, LAN is working on a 1.5 hectare parcel facing the Loire hat will be hosting new buildings including a 18-storey panoramic tower. Photographer Cyrille Weiner has visited the construction site at the beginning of March.

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Columbia in Paris

Umberto Napolitano's students from Columbia University in New York have travelled to Paris for site visits as part of their graduation project. The final review is scheduled at the beginning of May.

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Paris Haussmann Catalogue

The bilingual and richly documented exhibition catalogue is available in bookstores in France and overseas.

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First Stone in Baud Chardonnet


The first stone of the eco-neighborhood Baud Chardonnet in Rennes has been laid on February 6. The project, scheduled for spring 2018, will be hosting 124 housing units, shops and a chapel.

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Architects studios

While LAN moves into its new offices in a few months, here is a glimpse inside the most emblematic studios of architects of the last decades. Feeling inspired ? Share your thoughts with us.

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Minimum security-prison


The construction of the minimum-security prison in Nanterre began in November 2016 and will last 16 months.

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Grand Palais

Virtual visit in augmented reality of the Grand Palais by Sylvie Hubac, President of the RMN-GP, thanks to the modeling realized by François Châtillon, Chief architect of the Historic Monuments.

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Students housing units


The project of 1078 students housing units in Saclay, near Paris, is scheduled for September 2017. Photographer Julien Lanoo has documented the project at the end of January.

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Lecture by the curators of Paris Haussmann exhibition

Watch the video of the conference given on March, 8th by curators Umberto Napolitano and Franck Boutté

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Le Maillon Theatre


The preparatory meeting for the construction site of the future Maillon theater in Strabsourg will take place at the end of March.

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TURN ON Festival

Umberto Napolitano will give a talk in Vienna on March 11 at the TURN ON architecture festival.