June - July 2016

Special issue Biennale : International Architecture Exhibition of Venice / First stone Saclay / Prototype Nantes / Champs-Elysées Theater / Opening ceremony of the town hall

Lan Aravena Scan Begles Cover

Letter to Alejandro Aravena

Imagining a space of possibilities.

In response to the thematic of the 15th edition of the International Architecture Exhibition of Venice, LAN wrote two letters to the curator of the event, Alejandro Aravena. Both are present in the catalogue of the event. One of them concerns the "Carré Lumière" residences project in Bègles :

Dear Alejandro,

We agree with you fully. Architects today have more battles to fight than ever. In a world where prevailing opinions leave no room for other voices, projects have become our own acts of resistance. They are opportunities to set precedents that, just as in law, we can then cite as an established right.

We built these two buildings in Begles in this spirit, with the idea of being able to say, “Look, it’s possible.” [...]

Eric Portrait Test

The guest

Eric Anton

LAN invites you to meet THE GUEST. A bi-monthly rendez-vous which highlights a striking personality for the studio: artist, fellow, co-worker, inspiring people, … Discover with us, the guest of the month.



From the assembly in LAN’s studio in Paris, to the transport, until the setting in the room of the Central Pavilion of Giardini, find the making-of the installations of both projects presented at the International Architecture Exhibition of Venice.

Lan Begles Cover2


The "Carré Lumière" residences have a place of honour at the Biennale. With the urban renovation of Lormont, the 79 collective units of Bègles vouch for a contemporary, ecological and social architecture in line with the challenges of the XXIst century. We warmly thank all the residents who made this exhibition project possible.

Lan Lormont Cover


Lormont in the spotlights in Venice. The renovation of the Génicart district in Lormont, illustrates the theme of the architecture exhibition 2016 : "Reporting from the front". It shows how architectural gestures and landscape interventions can modify an urban environment, for the better.

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Biennale d'architecture de Venise

Between the Giardini and the Arsenal, LAN recommends you 10 unmissable projects during your trip to the architecture Biennale of Venice.


Toy objects

The construction of the model of Bègles for the International Architecture Exhibition of Venice required a lot of toy objects. The lasercut enabled us to make a large number of them. For the rest, a little store looking like Hansel and Gretel tale provided us.

Saclay Cover3

First stone

Saclay - Student residences

The first stone of the large student residences project (1 000 beds and 899 housing units) of the urban development zone of Moulon, Paris-Saclay campus, in Gif-sur-Yvette (91) was layed on the 25th of May 2016, in the presence of Valérie Pécresse.

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Collector 2016

Didier Faustino invited LAN to participate to the special edition Collector 2016. Its launch took place at the Palazzo Grassi, on Friday 28th of May 2016, during the professional day of the Architecture Biennale of Venice. This edition presents the work of about twenty personnalities who should - to the redaction mind - strike the 2016 architectural news.

Castro San Francisco Cover


On the 9th of June, LAN was invited to the round table "Qu'est-ce que la lumière dans l'architecture ?" (What is light in architecture ?), at Paris Belleville National School of Architecture. Each participant had to describe two pictures illustrating their answer.

Bayonne Cover2


LAN answered the competition regarding the Bonnat-Helleu City Art Museum of Bayonne. «Extending the gallery space towards the school provides the opportunity to create an entity that would spring naturally from the original form, and from the spatial experience of the Planckaert project.»


Théâtre des Champs-Elysées

LAN will soon be unveiling its next project, sited on Avenue Montaigne in Paris. Meanwhile, let us share with you the history of one of the emblematic buildings that sits close by: the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées.

Lan Nantes Protoype Cover4


Nantes - Urban renewal

The first samples of facade concrete have been produced. Their particularity resides in their gradation from a sandy to a sand-blasted texture. They will constitute the façade of plot 5 of the Nantes project.