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AV Monographs X LAN


The first monography of LAN was published by AV Monographs under the direction of the editor Luis Fernández-Galiano. You will find an illustrated selection of twenty projects realized between 2007 and 2018.

Cover St Urbain Beton

Saint-Urbain, Strasbourg

Colors palette

We chose the color palette for the building of Saint-Urbain’s project on site. The different shades were chosen in harmony with those of the local stone and the urban environment. From the north to the south of the block, the facades of the buildings will range from dark burgundy to cyan blue, with shades of beige, pink or green.

Cover Biennale New

Biennale of Venezia 2018

Our selection

If you get the chance to go to Venezia this summer, don't miss some installations of the Biennale of Architecture.

Cover Maillon

Maillon Theater, Strasbourg

The frame of the parallelepiped takes shape

The Maillon theater’s silhouette is gradually emerging in Strasbourg’s urban landscape. The walls of the main scenic spaces have been laid. The large hall with dimensions of 40 x 28 m on the ground and 14m height, offers a capacity up to 1400 seats.

Cover Entree 360 Double

360° View Tower, Nantes

Focus on the entrance hall

The photographer Julien Lanoo led a new photographic campaign on the 360 ° View Tower in the Polaris neighborhood. Here is a selection of photographs taken in the monumental entrance hall: almost square footprint 10.5 x 10.20 m and a height of 5.7 m.

Cover Equipe


New colleagues

We are glad to count new people in our team. Welcome to Marjolaine, Alessio, Louise, Ambra, Elsa and Mélanie.

Cover Instagram Simple


10 000 followers!

You are now more than 10 000 to follow us on Instagram. Thank you so much for your loyalty!

Cover Sdis New Simple

SDIS, Rennes

News from the construction site

On the facade of the west wing, 20 insulated wall panels dyed in the mass were installed (out of a total of 400 planned for the entire building). While the construction is growing, the ancient fire station is still active at the heart of the plot.

Cover Prix


Award of the Architecture Academy’s book

Last 18th of June, a jury, chaired by the architect Gérard Grandval, awarded the Paris-Haussmann exhibition's catalog of the book prize of the Academy of Architecture.

Cover Plot 5 Simple

Polaris Plot 5, Nantes

Delivery of Plot 5 in the Polaris district

The Tower 360° View was the first emblematic building to be completed in the Polaris district and we are about to complete the Plot 5. This building is made of concrete dyed in the mass with a sand color. His morphology is resulting from a superposition of two volumes.

Cover Plot1 Simple

Nantes, Polaris, Plot 1

Delivery of Plot 1 in the Polaris district

Located at the southwestern corner of Polaris district, this building made of stained concrete, marks the entrance to the Brossette block. Composed of affordable and social housing, and a commercial space, Plot 1 will be completed at the end of August.

Cover Nanterre

Minimum Security prison, Nanterre

The corten steel facade was laid

The corten steel façade was laid on the minimum security prison. Since its installation, the oxidation of the material is already visible, and will continue to modify the perception of the building before freezing its aspect to resist to the various atmospheric conditions.

Cover Popincourt

New office

New place for the end of the summer

New place for the end of the summer

The site is progressing well, we can't wait to move in at the end of the summer. We will keep you informed about our future installation.