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47 Popincourt

New Offices

After nine years on rue d’Hauteville, LAN has opened its new offices at 47 rue Popincourt in the 11th district of Paris. The repurposed former parking lot features a two-storey interior and rooftop terrace, which offers a panoramic view of Paris.

Mutation Urbaine Couv

Urban transformations

The rehabilitation of 47 Popincourt

The garage at 47 rue Popincourt has followed the changes in Paris’ own DNA. The parking lot has been repurposed into an office building. A new cycle has now begun. The building has been taken over by architects, who have always had a passion for the "typological reclassification of spaces."

Haussmann Couv

Paris Haussmann

New Edition

A new cover for the new edition of the Paris Haussmann catalogue, published for the exhibition at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal in 2017, co-curated by LAN and Franck Boutté Consultants.

Saclay Couv 2



LAN, in association with Clément Vergély Architectes and the landscape architect Topotek, has just completed plot B, comprised of plots B6 and B7-B8 of the Paris-Saclay campus, a highlight of the Grand Paris project. There are a total of 900 dormitories, serving 1,082 students.

Couv Mobilier Proto Face Large


And Do It Yourself

There is no other place and no other company more adapted to the “MAKE A” project than the Maillon Theatre. “MAKE A” is a true manifesto aiming to democratise furniture production without going through the traditional distribution process, and empowering the consumer, who becomes co-designer.

Creche Couv 3

Saint-Blaise Nursery, Paris


The nursery located on rue Saint-Blaise in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, has just been delivered.

Conference Stockholm Couv

Forms in movement

Lecture at the Konstakademien, Stockholm

Invited by the Stockholm Architect Association on January 17, Umberto Napolitano gave a lecture on a recurrent theme in LAN’s projects: "Forms in Movement."

Conference Cite Archi Couv Umberto

Form Follows Form...

Lecture at the Cité de l’Architecture & du Patrimoine, Paris

Invited by the Cité de l’Architecture & du Patrimoine, Paris, on December 3, Umberto Napolitano presented his conference "Form Follows Form Follows Form."

Conference Etsam Madrid Couv Av

Dual Practices

Lecture at the ETSAM, Madrid

On 21 November 2018, Umberto Napolitano gave a lecture at the ETSAM (Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid) for the Dual practices conference cycle.

Rosa Couv

Rosa's lunches

LAN to the table!

Rosa Vanina settles into the kitchen on rue Popincourt to prepare her Sicilian specialties for lunchtime at LAN.

14 Decembre Couv

December 14, 2018

Inauguration of the new agency

The new offices opened on December 14, in an evening full of colours and music. Here, in pictures: