April - May 2016

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Stjacques Cover

The Town-Hall of Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande


We tried to develop this project from a clear standpoint: that the new town hall building has to be a place capable of generating life, a place more than a building, a meeting place rather than somewhere one goes for administrative purposes, a clear, unitary image that can create an identity without resorting to the clichés inherent in buildings representing state authority, a workplace concerned more with the intelligence of its space than the materials, and techniques used to create it.

Biennale Architettura Def2

15th edition of the Venice Biennale of Architecture

From the 28th of May until the 27th of November 2016, LAN will participate to the next edition of the International Architecture Exhibition of Venice : Report from the front. Alejandro Aravena, who recently received the Pritzker Price and is the curator of the event, invits the participants to present the role of architecture in the struggle for the improvment of life quality through twisted ways, changing contexts and the exploitation of new intervention fields. You will be able to discover the presentation of two of LAN's projects in the Central Pavilion of Giardini.


The guest

Julien Lanoo

LAN invites you to meet THE GUEST. A bi-monthly rendez-vous which highlights a striking personality for the studio: artist, fellow, co-worker, inspiring people, … Discover with us, the guest of the month.

Lan Model Inspirations


The Avery Review is a journal dedicated to thinking about books, buildings, and other architectural media. LAN has been invited to be one of the contributors of its next publication. Here is the introduction :


Fondation Vasarely

Lecture, on the 3rd of May 20116

LAN is invited by the association DEVENIR to give a lecture on the 3rd of May 2016 at the Vasarely Foundation, in Aix-en-Provence.

Lan Colombes


72 housings

The 72 housings of the urban development zone of La Marine will be shortly completed. "Creating a convivial setting that federates the town’s different districts and acts as a kind of bridge between the apartment block typology and the small private house, was one of the major keys to this project’s success. Ideally, we had to be able to respond to universal housing needs, and propose different types of units in order to favour and create mixity and generational confrontation. [...]"


Portrait d'Agence

In the first AMC Special issue - "Portrait d'Agence", 50 pages relate the studio, its projects and philosophy.


Invisibles Vertus

Franck Boutté wrote the preface of the AMC special edition "Portrait d'Agence" dedicated to LAN. These few pages give a very personal description of LAN, its protagonists, its projects.

"Our meeting LAN began with a bet. At the time they occupied a rather large portion of the second floor of a beautiful, former industrial building in the 11th arrondissement, in the Cité de l’Ameublement. I went there one night with Jacques Moussafir, who had been invited to give a lecture and present his work and projects by the two guys who headed LAN. Somewhat unusually for architects, Benoit and Umberto, who weren’t well known at the time, believed that shared knowledge and debate were essential, if not indispensable for creative arts and practice......"

Rudolf Nureyev Cover

The Client

The magazine of architecture SAN ROCCO asked LAN to contribute to "Your Favorite Client". The rule was clear : "Client acquisition has always been and remains one of the hardest and most frustrating activity of an architect. Somehow taboo as it as to do with ones most secret networks, but also because “direct assignment” is almost politically incorrect.13 architects reveal to us which personality they always wished to convince....."

Torino Cover

"Estate. Reloading housing"

Lecture, on the 10th of May 2016

On the 10th of May, LAN will give a lecture in the Aula Magna of the Politecnico of Turin, about the renewal of the housing patrimonial in our cities.


Kurume Kasuri

In the framework of the Tenjin Business Center project in Fukuoka, LAN discovered Kurume-Kasuri, a Japanese dye fabric technique. Waiting for the description of this project in the next bi-monthly, here is the story of the Kurume-Kasuri:

Poznan Market

Arena Design

Poznan, 8th of March 2016

The Arena Design is a unique venue for business meetings of producers and designers as well as a space for the presentation of the latest achievements in the field of design.




LAN won the competition for the Amédée Saint Germain's project in Bordeaux Euratlantique, which is an urban operation of national interest, the major urban project in France, outside of the Parisian region.



Color Research

At the moment, LAN is doing a colour research for the façades of the urban project of Strasbourg.

Mexico City Cover


April 11th 2016

Mextropoli in an international Festival about the Architecture and the City. It took place in the begining of March 2016 in Mexico. During these fews days, architects, urbanists, artists, and many specialists shared about this topic. At this occasion, LAN was invited to give a lecture and to animate a workshop with Mexican students from Ibero University.




The first prototypes of the "Muses" for the project of the student residence are arrived : "Without orientation, nor prioritization, five cylinders, perfectly extruded from the circle, form the volumes and become ultimately part ofthe landscape composition, following the example from the gardens of pleasure in the early 18th century."