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Mar 6, 2018

Paris Haussmann


Paris Haussmann, a Model's Relevance

Haussmann, prefect for the department of the Seine from 1853 until 1870, extensively transformed Paris, above and below ground, from the city center to the outskirts. By extension, his name personifies a century of public works that still defines the urban organization of the city and the identity of the capital. But who would think of the Second Empire mapping as an exemplary network for mobility? Or the 19th century city block as an effective tool for a sustainable city? Or the Haussmann-style building as an archetype of flexibility? The Paris Haussmann show analyses and reveals the potential of today’s Parisian urban model in relation to the stakes and challenges of tomorrow’s cities. Intended as a demonstration, the exhibition starts with a line drawn to review history. Over 100 drawings, plans, archives, photographs by Cyrille Weiner, as well as many mock-ups, give visitors an opportunity to rediscover this heritage at various scales. The exhibition redesigns, categorizes and compares the urban axes, distinguishes the public spaces, organizes the city blocks and buildings according to their current geometry.

  • Exhibition
    from March 6 to June 17, 2018

    Cultural Centre of Belém
    Praça do Império
    1449-003 Lisbonne, Portugal
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    Curators: LAN (Benoit Jallon & Umberto Napolitano) & FBC (Franck Boutté)
    Exhibition designed by the Pavillon de L’Arsenal, Paris

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Homepage: Paris Haussmann. Variations de l'identité © Cyrille Weiner, 2016