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Nov 19, 2017

Pisa Architecture Biennial

The Pisa Architecture Biennial presented from 19 to 28 November 2017 focused on the fascinating and deep connection between European and Mediterranean cities and the element of water.

The “International Pavilion”, located in Arsenali Repubblicani, under Luca Molinari’s curatorship, has shown a selection of works released in the last decade across Europe and Mediterranean basin, divided in 4 thematic sections: Water as Heaven on Earth’s source; Architecture as a landmark in dialogue with water; Water as landscapes: sea, lake and river scenes; Water as magic, as a dream, hypnotic reflection.

Among these projects, the Polaris site under construction on the island of Nantes. Facing the Loire, this vast urban redevelopment operation will soon welcome 6 new buildings with a mixed-use programme : affordable and social housing, student residence, offices, Vatel school, business premises and parking, including an 18-storey panoramic tower that will be completed early 2018.

Pisa Architectural Biennial 2017

19 to 28 November, 2017 (2nd edition)
Arsenali Reppublicani

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