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Jun 2, 2017



The exhibition of the Archicontemporaine Prize, presented at the DRAC and  at ENSA in Toulouse this summer, will then be traveling in the Maisons de l'architecture before ending at the Cité de Architecture in Paris at the beginning of 2018.

Paris XVII - 40 housing units, part of the 24 nominated projects, is a tribute to Paris, to the 19th century architecture, to the Haussmann building. The project explores the notions of density and flexibility. The architectural type of the Haussmann building. The volume is a perfect extrusion of the triangular parcel which fully exploits all the plot’s spatial possibilities. Through its flexibility, the project introduces the notion that by emptying an architecture of its program, a building generates potential that will accompany the evolutions in urban development and allow it to respond more readily to changes in use. 

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