June - July 2019

Polaris, Nantes | New Beauties | Meet The Team | Paris Rive Gauche | Urban Talks | 47 Popincourt | Marseille, New Project | The Street. Where the world is made. | DAAD 2019 | Amédée Saint Germain

50 Lan Polaris Ile De Nantes Charly Broyez

Polaris, Nantes


The development of the Brossette site completes the transformation of the Boulevard Vincent-Gâche and it is the largest construction site ever completed on the Isle of Nantes. Occupied formerly by warehouses of a sanitary manufacturer, the 1.5 hectares plot facing the Loire, hosts six new buildings with mixed programs, including a panoramic tower of 18 floors.

New Beauties

New Beauties

On beauty in architecture

Photos of the Bure and Saclay projects, taken by Iwan Baam and Fabrice Fouillet, are displayed as part of the traveling exhibition "New Beauties". On view through October 4th.

00 Lan Team

Meet the team

New faces

Meet our new collaborators: Anne, Edward, Camille, Martin, Félicien, Lorenzo, Manon, Kamilé, Paolo, Manon and Rhoda.

Marseille Cover


New Project

LAN won the competition to realize the building of the Eastern basins of the Grand Port Maritime of Marseille. The project is a form composed by the superimposition of three figures: a rectangular base that is implanted on the entire plot, an intermediate U-shaped body facing the sea, a two-storey crown that grows around a courtyard.

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Polaris, Nantes


The search for a real identity for the neighborhood is illustrated by a definition commonly decided. The occupation of spaces, the establishment of the relationship between potential size and facades, the study of the sunshine and winds, are all topics addressed to ensure a coherent urban response.

Nouvel Air Cover

Paris Rive Gauche

Pavillon de l'arsenal

From March 11th to May 19th, the Nouvel Air project for the "Inventer Bruneseau" competition was exhibited at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal as part of Paris Rive Gauche. The proposal demonstrates the possibility of building a "common" city, even at the center of road infrastructure.

Popincourt Cover


In the office

The ambition of the project is to challenge agency practice which starts with places and extends to modernizing work tools and creation.

Ipr Camp Urban Talks 11 Cover

Urban Talks


CAMP, or Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning, is a new urban planning hotspot in the heart of Prague. In May, Umberto Napolitano was invited by the center to give a lecture for their monthly "Urban Talks".


Polaris, Nantes

Public space

The heart of the project is imagined as an empty space that one enters. It is a convivial public space which crosses the whole site while connecting buildings between them and the site with its environment.

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DAAD 2019

10th anniversary

Days of Architecture and Design is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and LAN was once again invited to present its latest projects.

26 La Strada 1944 Com

The street. Where the world is made.


More than 140 artists and over 200 works were part of MAXXI’s major exhibition “The street. Where the world is made.”. The Haussmann project was one of them.

Amedee Cover2

Amédée Saint Germain

Construction starts

The construction of the first phase of the project begins. In the end, this block will represent 7 buildings comprising 248 housing units, shops and a parking area.