September - October 2017

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Wooden Tower in Paris

Competition Winner

LAN is the winner of the competition launched by SEMAPA for the construction of a wooden tower in Paris. The 17-storey tower, which enjoys an exceptional location on the Seine in the 13th arrondissement, will be one of the largest wooden structure of France.

Couverture Catalogue Haussmann3

New York Architecture Book Fair

On September 23, Storefront for Art and Architecture will launch the New York Architecture Book Fair at Great Hall ofthe Cooper Union with a series of events. Among them, BOOK-Now presents a selection of recent publication. Paris Haussmann exhibition catalogue is part of this initiative.


AGORA Biennale


From 20 to 24 September, LAN presents at AGORA, Bordeaux's architectural, urban planning and design biennale the models of Bègles and Lormont. Have a look at the installation images.

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Fire and Rescue Center


The construction site of the Fire and Rescue Center in Rennes will start in mid-October on the banks of the Vilaine River in Rennes. Facing the Baud plain, the new fire and rescure center is a prototype, an harbinger of the future constructions and usages.

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Chicago Architecture Biennial

Paris Haussmann

Invited by Chicago Architecture Biennale, LAN, FBC and Pavillon de l'Arsenal will exhibit Paris Haussmann, a Model's Relevance from 16 September 2017 to 7 January 2018 at the Chicago Cultural Center. "Make New History", the main theme of this edition 2017, explores the relationship between history and modernity and between art and architecture.

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Make New History


Make New History, the theme of the Chicago Architecture Biennial 2017 examines the underpinnings of the resurgence of historical interest. It is also the title of the catalogue that accompanies this second edition of the biennial and features all the manifestations including the exhibition Paris Haussmann.

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BigMat International Architecture Award

Cast your vote

79 housing units in Bègles has been short-listed for the BigMat’17 International Architecture Award. Help LAN win the Public Choice Award: you have until 24 October 2017 to cast your vote.

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Preliminary studies

Recently winner of the competition launched by ICADE for the construction of a 28,000 m² office building located in the heart of Millennium Park in Aubervilliers, LAN is currently working on preliminary design studies.

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New team

Team is growing up. Welcome to our new architects coming from all over Europe.

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Le Maillon Theatre


Earthmoving works have started in Strasbourg for the new Maillon Theatre - European Stage, which has just appointed its new artistic director, Barbara Engelhardt.

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National Architecture Days


LAN is participating in the National Architecture Days organized by the Ministry of Culture on 13, 14 and 15 October. Guided tours of the Polaris construction site in Nantes are available on registration.

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Student residence Saclay


Completed this summer, the student residence in Saclay welcomes students since the beginning of September. To guide them, an exterior and interior signage has been imagined and developed by the creative studio Undo Redo.

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First stone of Saint-Urbain


Laying of the first stone of the Saint-Urbain’s block in Strasbourg is announced for September, 28th. The project, scheduled for 2019, will be hosting housing, retail and an hotel.


June - July 2017

Exhibition Haussmann | Chicago | Milano Arch Week | Aubervilliers | Book selection | Podcast | Materials | Agora Bordeaux

Cover A Reduire



LAN has won the competition for the construction of a 28,000m² office building located on the ZAC Canal-Porte in Aubervilliers nearby Paris. B32 is not isolated, its logic belongs to a larger scale project that strengthens the link between the tertiary campus and the city in this new area.

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Architecture biennale

The models of Bègles and Lormont, realized in 2016 for the Venice Architecture Biennale, will be exhibited in September in Bordeaux as part of Agora, biennial of architecture, design, urban planning.

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Amédée Saint-Germain

LAN is currently working on models research for the project Amédée Saint-Germain, a vast Operation of National Interest in urban planning in Bordeaux scheduled for 2020.

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Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design


Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem has nominated Umberto Napoliano keynote speaker for conference as part of the end of year events that will take place between July 12th – 14th

Coverhaussmann C Antoine Espinasseau Pavillon Haussmann Hd 3


in Chicago

Paris Haussmann, A model’s relevance has just ended at the Pavilion of the Arsenal with a number of 93 600 visitors ! Part of the exhibition will be travelling to the US for the Chicago Architecture Biennial​, on view from September 16, 2017, through January 7, 2018.

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Curators of the exhibition Paris Haussmann, Umberto Napolitano (LAN) et Franck Boutté (FBC) describe the emergence of a new urban arborescence based on the analysis of contemporary criteria.

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Minimum-security prison


Prototypes of micro-perforated corten steel panels that will cover the main façades of the minimum-security prison have recently been presented. Among their main functions: to confer a strong and unitary identity, and to complete sun protection and visual filter function.

Cover A Milano

Milano Arch Week


Umberto Napolitano will give a lecture on June 14th at 5.30pm at the Triennale di Milano as part of the Milano Arch Week, a week full of events dedicated to architecture with the artistic direction of Stefano Boeri.

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European Copper in Architecture Awards 18


LAN is part of the jury panel for the European Copper Award in Architecture Awards 18. In 2015, LAN's Euravenir tower in Lille was given an honorable mention. Images.

Cover Harathori Mathon

Book Selection

by Volume bookshop

​Book selection by parisian bookstore VOLUME that focuses, in connection with current projects of LAN,​​​ on wood material: its structure, properties, potential. Have a look.

Cover Saussure Hd C Jl 08



As part of the Archicontemporaine Prize 2017, "Paris XVII - 40 housing units" figures among the 24 projects presented at the DRAC in Toulouse from June 2 to 14, during the Architecture Month in Occitanie. The itinerant exhibition will take place at the Cité de l'Architecture in Paris at the end of 2017.




Work in progress in Saclay. Welcoming urban and student life, the open and public spaces of the student residence were designed to become a place for exchanges, while preserving the intimacy of each habitat. Delivery at the end of July.

Covera Gsapp Ok2

GSAPP Conversations


In episode #14 of GSAPP Columbia Podcast: Dean Amale Andraos in conversation with Umberto Napolitano. They discuss, amongst others, his interpretation of "density" or the role of the work space in the creative process.


March - April 2017

Exhibition Paris Haussmann | RIBA | Nantes | Baud Chardonnet | Lectures | Grand Palais | Minimum-security prison | Saclay | Grand Palais | Architects studios

Cover Pavillon Haussmann Def

Extension of PARIS HAUSSMANN, Modèle de Ville

Encouraged by its success, the exhibition is exended until 4th June at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal. Have a look at the images of the installation.

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Social Housing Exhibition


RIBA will host between 18th April and 29th May, the exhibition Social Housing that will features, among others, our project of 79 housing units in Bègles.

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Polaris Nantes


In Nantes, LAN is working on a 1.5 hectare parcel facing the Loire hat will be hosting new buildings including a 18-storey panoramic tower. Photographer Cyrille Weiner has visited the construction site at the beginning of March.

Cover Img 0587 Ba W

Columbia in Paris

Umberto Napolitano's students from Columbia University in New York have travelled to Paris for site visits as part of their graduation project. The final review is scheduled at the beginning of May.

Cover Gif Catalogue Paris Haussmann  Lan 01

Paris Haussmann Catalogue

The bilingual and richly documented exhibition catalogue is available in bookstores in France and overseas.

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First Stone in Baud Chardonnet


The first stone of the eco-neighborhood Baud Chardonnet in Rennes has been laid on February 6. The project, scheduled for spring 2018, will be hosting 124 housing units, shops and a chapel.

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Architects studios

While LAN moves into its new offices in a few months, here is a glimpse inside the most emblematic studios of architects of the last decades. Feeling inspired ? Share your thoughts with us.

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Minimum security-prison


The construction of the minimum-security prison in Nanterre began in November 2016 and will last 16 months.

Cover Gpsh Def

Grand Palais

Virtual visit in augmented reality of the Grand Palais by Sylvie Hubac, President of the RMN-GP, thanks to the modeling realized by François Châtillon, Chief architect of the Historic Monuments.

Cover Com Lan Student Housing C Julien Lanoo 01

Students housing units


The project of 1078 students housing units in Saclay, near Paris, is scheduled for September 2017. Photographer Julien Lanoo has documented the project at the end of January.

Cover Catalogueparishaussmann 780

Lecture by the curators of Paris Haussmann exhibition

Watch the video of the conference given on March, 8th by curators Umberto Napolitano and Franck Boutté

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Le Maillon Theatre


The preparatory meeting for the construction site of the future Maillon theater in Strabsourg will take place at the end of March.

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TURN ON Festival

Umberto Napolitano will give a talk in Vienna on March 11 at the TURN ON architecture festival.


January - February 2017

Haussmann Special Issue

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Paris Haussmann, Modèle de ville


The Pavillon de l’Arsenal in Paris has invited LAN and Franck Boutté to curate the exhibition PARIS HAUSSMANN, Modèle de ville. Presented from January 31 to May 7, the exhibition enables visitors to rediscover this architectural heritage at all levels with more than 100 drawings, plans, archived documents, photographs by Cyrille Weiner, and numerous models.

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Baron Haussmann

Prefect of the Seine under the Second Empire, Georges Eugène Haussmann profoundly transformed the city of Paris between 1852 and 1869 at the request of Napoleon III.

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The morphology of road networks is an indispensable analy-tical tool for defining urban forms.

Catalogue Paris Haussmann Lan 01 Cover

Paris Haussmann

Exhibition Catalogue

Fully documented and illustrated, the exhibition catalogue was conceived as a retro-atlas of Haussmann’s territory.

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Haussmann’s concept of the city covers the entire built environment, from redrawn streets and urban fixtures to building façades, down to the individual stylistic elements and ornamental components.

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Designed from the outset to host diverse usages and populations, the Haussmann investment property also demonstrated considerable aptitude in terms of changing its configurations and usages, a capacity for transformation and reversibility.

Classification Cover Home

Searching for density

The blocks can be considered as an assembly of units: a block can become a single building, or be composed of independent units, following a process that is sometimes reversible.

Cover Marville 2

Charles Marville


Official photographer for the city of Paris under the Second Empire, Charles Marville (1813-1879) is renowned for his series that document the streets and squares of Paris before and during the Haussmann’s modernization program.

Cover Home

The blocks

European cities are characterized by the strong correlation between the form of the individual block, which constitutes the basic component of the urban fabric, and the form of the city.

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Investment property

Although the building is the true icon of Haussmann’s urban production, the type commonly known as “investment property” (or “rental property”) was already present in the 18th century.

Cover Home

Cyrille Weiner


As part of the upcoming exhibition at Pavillon de l’Arsenal, photographer Cyrille Weiner produced the series “Paris Haussmann, Variations de l’identité”. LAN invites you to discover his personal work and the way he captures the world around him.

Cover Home

Paris XVII

40 housing units

The project pays homage to Paris, to the architecture of the 19th century, and to the Haussmann building.

Haussmann’s Paris

Haussmann strove for everything, for everything in Paris to be “embellished… expanded… rehabilitated.”

He expressed a wish that was both for the above and the below ground, for the beautiful and the useful, and from overall picture down to the smallest detail. In seventeen years, the prefect of Paris laid 600 km of sewers and 175 km of streets, built city halls for the arrondissements and schools, designed squares, parks, and woods, stimulated private investment, rebuilt neighborhoods in the city center, and envisioned those at the outskirts. Rarely has a public official had such an impact on popular culture. His name embodies the Grands Travaux, the major public works of the Second Empire, and by extension, the city’s transformations into the early 20th century. Still today, the name Haussmann delineates the city and gives shape to its urban cityscape. He personifies the city of Paris’ urban identity in the present day more than anyone else.

Cover Home

Pavillon de l'Arsenal

The Pavillon de l'Arsenal which will host the upcoming Paris Haussmann exhibition, is the Paris Center for Information, Documentation and Exhibition of Urbanism and Architecture.


November - December 2016

Venice Architecture Biennale l Seconde Main l Brittany Architecture Award l Grand Palais l Selection of books

Franck Cover Def

The Guest

Franck Boutté

LAN invites you to meet THE GUEST. A bi-monthly rendez-vous which highlights a striking personality for the studio: artist, fellow, co-worker, inspiring people, … Discover with us, the guest of the month: Franck Boutté.

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Brittany Architecture Award

The project of the City-Hall of Saint-Jacques de la Lande has been awarded by the Brittany Architecture Award.


GSAPP Columbia

Umberto Napolitano will begin teaching in the university of GSAPP Columbia of New-York, in January 2017.

Mies Rdv Cover

Mies Magazine

Mies team met LAN and will present the video interview in Paris, at the Capela on the 22nd of November.

Spazio Cover

10 years of Undo-Redo

LAN works with Undo-Redo since many years. The 8th of November, the sudio celebrated its 10 years of existence. At this occasion, an exhibition was organised. The scenography was set by LAN.


Inhabiting Artefacts

Standing with Liza Fior (London), Aristide Antonas (Athens), et Pier Vittorio Aureli (Dogma - Brussells), LAN is invited to contribute to the symposium Inhabiting Artefacts by the University of Syracuse, in London on the 31st of October.



Following the competition of the Grand-Palais won in 2014, the schematic development began this Automn. We will keep you posted about the progressing of this monumental project.


16th Forum of Urban Projects

The « Forum des projets urbains » is an information platform about the main urban settlement operations at the French and European scales. The political and technical leaders as well as the settlement actors exchange and participate to the presentation of major urban projects. LAN will have the opportunity to present the urban project of the Saint-Urbain plot in Strasbourg.


Seconde Main, Seconde Peau

The Art School of Beauvaisis and the CAUE de l'Oise organize the cycle of conferences "Seconde main, Seconde peau". As part of it, LAN will give a lecture on the 9th of November in the CAUE de l'OIse : "La peau dans le projet architectural », with the presentation of the project of Bure, the archives centre of EDF.


Membership in the Académie d'Architecture

Since the 6th of October, Umberto Napolitano is a member of the Académie d'Architecture, you can discover his speech here.


Trophée Or du Cadre de Vie

The project of the student residences in Gif-sur-Yvette was awarded by fimbACTE. It won the "Trophée Or du Cadre de Vie".



Architecture Biennale of Venice

The 15th edition of the International Architecture Exhibition of Venice nears the end. The dismantling is planned for the first week of December. One month left to enjoyf it !




The 81 issue of the Archistorm magazine integrates an article about the participation of LAN to the 15th edition of the Venice Architecture Biennale.


Selection of books

by Samuel Hoppe, VOLUME's bookseller

For the end of this year, LAN shares with you a selection of books. They are commented and presented by Samuel Hoppe, the director of the library VOLUME in Paris. 7 books hold our attention, in regards with their link to the actuality of the studio as well as for their rich content.


September - October 2016

Amédée Saint-Germain l AR Awards l Oslo Architecture Triennale l Mouvaux l Le Maillon Theatre l Academy of Architecture l "Cadre de Ville"

Photo Cover

FOCUS ON #04 - Le Maillon Theatre

Focus On is a video series aiming to share the conception and the reality of LAN’s projects. Umberto Napolitano, Dorothée Riou and Marcello Orlandini present us Le Maillon Theater and detail this cultural project which major characteristic resides in its modularity.

Arawards Cover1

AR Housing Award

We are glad to announce 79 collective housings in Bègles won the AR Housing Awards. The Jury, composed of Sasa Radulovic, Cany Ash and Je Ahn appreciated “the riposte to the usual contemporary style of housing which is often ‘rigid, prescribed and out-of-the-box”.

Chapelier Fou Cover2

Chapelier fou


Super5 realized, in collaboration with Gregory Wagenheim, the video clip of the band "Chapelier Fou" - La Guerre des Nombres, in which we can see the Archives Centre of EDF.

Logo Academie Architecture Cover 5

"Académie d'Architecture"

On the 6th of October, Umberto Napolitano will enter in the « Académie d’Architecture ».

Amedee Vue Aerienne Web


LAN just finalized the elaboration of functional and technical specifications of the urban project of the new district of Amédée Saint-Germain in Bordeaux. It includes the general dictates as well as the detailed plots notices.

Equipe Gif Cover

New recruits


September 2016 is the time of renewal : we have the pleasure to present you the new comers in LAN.

Oslo Cover 2

Oslo Architecture Triennale

This year, the Architecture Triennale of Oslo, named “After Belonging” aims to answer to the two questions: How can different agents involved in the built environment address the ways we stay in transit? How can architects intervene in the reconfiguration of the contemporary residence? The vernissage will take place in Oslo on the 10th of September, at the school of architecture and design of AHO.

Detail Cover 3


The DETAIL review presents the Carré Lumière residences in its last issue released in July 2016. The article describes the 79 collective housings from their conception to their construction, sharing precise technical drawings.

Cover Inspiration


The Carré Lumière project in Bègles won the AR Housing Awards. For this occasion, the journalist Manon Mollard wrote an article for the Architectural Review:

AR Housing 2016 winner: with its abundance of natural light, this project instils in its residents a feeling of space and freedom. In the world of real-estate advertising, any outhouse, lumber room or junk cupboard is deemed worthy of mention as the pièce en plus. And while the popular aspiration to own a small outdoor space, at almost any cost, has called for a new design trend of micro furniture – a plethora of items are available to convert the tiniest balcony surface into usable space, from foldable tables hanging from railings to half parasols against a wall – LAN Architecture’s recently completed Carré Lumière housing project aims to convert the promise of outdoor space into an integral part of the home.

Vue Cimetiere Cover


Building permit

The building permit for the Saint-Urbain project in the urban development zone of L’Etoile in Strasbourg has been submitted in the beginning of July.

Echoppe Bordeaux Coverder


The urban project of Amédée Saint-Germain led the team to make a typologic study of the Sacré-Coeur district housing. It is how we dealt with the "échoppe" caracteristics in depth: a typical house from Gironde region and especially from Bordeaux, that will inspire the architecture of the futur project.

Akagi Kojiro  Okayama Prefecture 03011934 Dessinateur Der

Cadre de Ville

LAN is invited to take part in the event Cadre de Ville and will give a conference on the thematic : "Living city : adapted housings, new uses of housings, value of the associated services". (Drawing : Akagi, Kojiro 赤木 曠児郎, 1972).

Pli02 Cover

PLI 02

We invite you to discover Pli: a publication of architecture and edition. Its next issue will be launched on the 22th September, at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal.

Oslo Cover 4

Round Table : Montre-moi / Vis Meg

During the Oslo Architecture Triennale, Umberto Napolitano will be part of a round table organized by the Institut Français of Norway and the AHO: the architecture and design school of Oslo.



June - July 2016

Special issue Biennale : International Architecture Exhibition of Venice / First stone Saclay / Prototype Nantes / Champs-Elysées Theater / Opening ceremony of the town hall


15th International Architecture Exhibition of Venice

LAN participates in the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of Venice. The “Carré Lumière” residence in Bègles and the urban renovation of the Génicart district in Lormont are presented. Discover the installations, still visible until November 28th in the Central Pavilion of the Giardini:

Lan Aravena Scan Begles Cover

Letter to Alejandro Aravena

Imagining a space of possibilities.

In response to the thematic of the 15th edition of the International Architecture Exhibition of Venice, LAN wrote two letters to the curator of the event, Alejandro Aravena. Both are present in the catalogue of the event. One of them concerns the "Carré Lumière" residences project in Bègles :

Dear Alejandro,

We agree with you fully. Architects today have more battles to fight than ever. In a world where prevailing opinions leave no room for other voices, projects have become our own acts of resistance. They are opportunities to set precedents that, just as in law, we can then cite as an established right.

We built these two buildings in Begles in this spirit, with the idea of being able to say, “Look, it’s possible.” [...]

Eric Portrait Test

The guest

Eric Anton

LAN invites you to meet THE GUEST. A bi-monthly rendez-vous which highlights a striking personality for the studio: artist, fellow, co-worker, inspiring people, … Discover with us, the guest of the month.



From the assembly in LAN’s studio in Paris, to the transport, until the setting in the room of the Central Pavilion of Giardini, find the making-of the installations of both projects presented at the International Architecture Exhibition of Venice.

Lan Begles Cover2


The "Carré Lumière" residences have a place of honour at the Biennale. With the urban renovation of Lormont, the 79 collective units of Bègles vouch for a contemporary, ecological and social architecture in line with the challenges of the XXIst century. We warmly thank all the residents who made this exhibition project possible.

Lan Lormont Cover


Lormont in the spotlights in Venice. The renovation of the Génicart district in Lormont, illustrates the theme of the architecture exhibition 2016 : "Reporting from the front". It shows how architectural gestures and landscape interventions can modify an urban environment, for the better.

Topten Cover3


Biennale d'architecture de Venise

Between the Giardini and the Arsenal, LAN recommends you 10 unmissable projects during your trip to the architecture Biennale of Venice.


Toy objects

The construction of the model of Bègles for the International Architecture Exhibition of Venice required a lot of toy objects. The lasercut enabled us to make a large number of them. For the rest, a little store looking like Hansel and Gretel tale provided us.

Saclay Cover3

First stone

Saclay - Student residences

The first stone of the large student residences project (1 000 beds and 899 housing units) of the urban development zone of Moulon, Paris-Saclay campus, in Gif-sur-Yvette (91) was layed on the 25th of May 2016, in the presence of Valérie Pécresse.

Cree Cover3


Collector 2016

Didier Faustino invited LAN to participate to the special edition Collector 2016. Its launch took place at the Palazzo Grassi, on Friday 28th of May 2016, during the professional day of the Architecture Biennale of Venice. This edition presents the work of about twenty personnalities who should - to the redaction mind - strike the 2016 architectural news.

Inauguration Cover

Opening Ceremony

Town hall of Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande

On the 18th of June, the city-hall of Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande was inaugurated. The Mayor, Mr Emmanuel Couet and the municipal team was glad to present the building to the general public.

Castro San Francisco Cover


On the 9th of June, LAN was invited to the round table "Qu'est-ce que la lumière dans l'architecture ?" (What is light in architecture ?), at Paris Belleville National School of Architecture. Each participant had to describe two pictures illustrating their answer.

Bayonne Cover2


LAN answered the competition regarding the Bonnat-Helleu City Art Museum of Bayonne. «Extending the gallery space towards the school provides the opportunity to create an entity that would spring naturally from the original form, and from the spatial experience of the Planckaert project.»


Théâtre des Champs-Elysées

LAN will soon be unveiling its next project, sited on Avenue Montaigne in Paris. Meanwhile, let us share with you the history of one of the emblematic buildings that sits close by: the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées.

Lan Nantes Protoype Cover4


Nantes - Urban renewal

The first samples of facade concrete have been produced. Their particularity resides in their gradation from a sandy to a sand-blasted texture. They will constitute the façade of plot 5 of the Nantes project.


April - May 2016

Saint Jacques | Julien Lanoo | Venice Biennale | New Website San Rocco | Colombes | Special Issue AMC

Stjacques Cover

The Town-Hall of Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande


We tried to develop this project from a clear standpoint: that the new town hall building has to be a place capable of generating life, a place more than a building, a meeting place rather than somewhere one goes for administrative purposes, a clear, unitary image that can create an identity without resorting to the clichés inherent in buildings representing state authority, a workplace concerned more with the intelligence of its space than the materials, and techniques used to create it.

Biennale Architettura Def2

15th edition of the Venice Biennale of Architecture

From the 28th of May until the 27th of November 2016, LAN will participate to the next edition of the International Architecture Exhibition of Venice : Report from the front. Alejandro Aravena, who recently received the Pritzker Price and is the curator of the event, invits the participants to present the role of architecture in the struggle for the improvment of life quality through twisted ways, changing contexts and the exploitation of new intervention fields. You will be able to discover the presentation of two of LAN's projects in the Central Pavilion of Giardini.


The guest

Julien Lanoo

LAN invites you to meet THE GUEST. A bi-monthly rendez-vous which highlights a striking personality for the studio: artist, fellow, co-worker, inspiring people, … Discover with us, the guest of the month.

Lan Model Inspirations


The Avery Review is a journal dedicated to thinking about books, buildings, and other architectural media. LAN has been invited to be one of the contributors of its next publication. Here is the introduction :


Fondation Vasarely

Lecture, on the 3rd of May 20116

LAN is invited by the association DEVENIR to give a lecture on the 3rd of May 2016 at the Vasarely Foundation, in Aix-en-Provence.

Lan Colombes


72 housings

The 72 housings of the urban development zone of La Marine will be shortly completed. "Creating a convivial setting that federates the town’s different districts and acts as a kind of bridge between the apartment block typology and the small private house, was one of the major keys to this project’s success. Ideally, we had to be able to respond to universal housing needs, and propose different types of units in order to favour and create mixity and generational confrontation. [...]"


Portrait d'Agence

In the first AMC Special issue - "Portrait d'Agence", 50 pages relate the studio, its projects and philosophy.


Invisibles Vertus

Franck Boutté wrote the preface of the AMC special edition "Portrait d'Agence" dedicated to LAN. These few pages give a very personal description of LAN, its protagonists, its projects.

"Our meeting LAN began with a bet. At the time they occupied a rather large portion of the second floor of a beautiful, former industrial building in the 11th arrondissement, in the Cité de l’Ameublement. I went there one night with Jacques Moussafir, who had been invited to give a lecture and present his work and projects by the two guys who headed LAN. Somewhat unusually for architects, Benoit and Umberto, who weren’t well known at the time, believed that shared knowledge and debate were essential, if not indispensable for creative arts and practice......"

Rudolf Nureyev Cover

The Client

The magazine of architecture SAN ROCCO asked LAN to contribute to "Your Favorite Client". The rule was clear : "Client acquisition has always been and remains one of the hardest and most frustrating activity of an architect. Somehow taboo as it as to do with ones most secret networks, but also because “direct assignment” is almost politically incorrect.13 architects reveal to us which personality they always wished to convince....."

Torino Cover

"Estate. Reloading housing"

Lecture, on the 10th of May 2016

On the 10th of May, LAN will give a lecture in the Aula Magna of the Politecnico of Turin, about the renewal of the housing patrimonial in our cities.


Kurume Kasuri

In the framework of the Tenjin Business Center project in Fukuoka, LAN discovered Kurume-Kasuri, a Japanese dye fabric technique. Waiting for the description of this project in the next bi-monthly, here is the story of the Kurume-Kasuri:

Poznan Market

Arena Design

Poznan, 8th of March 2016

The Arena Design is a unique venue for business meetings of producers and designers as well as a space for the presentation of the latest achievements in the field of design.




LAN won the competition for the Amédée Saint Germain's project in Bordeaux Euratlantique, which is an urban operation of national interest, the major urban project in France, outside of the Parisian region.



Color Research

At the moment, LAN is doing a colour research for the façades of the urban project of Strasbourg.

Mexico City Cover


April 11th 2016

Mextropoli in an international Festival about the Architecture and the City. It took place in the begining of March 2016 in Mexico. During these fews days, architects, urbanists, artists, and many specialists shared about this topic. At this occasion, LAN was invited to give a lecture and to animate a workshop with Mexican students from Ibero University.




The first prototypes of the "Muses" for the project of the student residence are arrived : "Without orientation, nor prioritization, five cylinders, perfectly extruded from the circle, form the volumes and become ultimately part ofthe landscape composition, following the example from the gardens of pleasure in the early 18th century."