December 2019 - January 2020

Théâtre du Maillon Special

Lan Maillon Projet Cover 2


Théâtre du Maillon has been completed. To reassert the founding principles of the Maillon's artistic identity and to enshrine an experimental approach to research and artistic creation, as well as to showcase its commitment to fostering direct, lively relations between artists and audiences, the plans for the new theatre aim to build more than a mere place: a true artistic machine at the intersection of theatre and the making of theatre.

Focuson Cover

Focus On

FOCUS ON is a documentary series that invites you to dive into the details of a project. Take a look at the video produced on the Théâtre du Maillon project. A cultural project whose main characteristic lies in modularity.​

Lan Maillon Scenarios Cover


The building embraces hyper-flexibility, without limit between what is scenic and what is not. Each space becomes a discovery, each detail an invention.

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Théâtre du Maillon consists of two auditoriums, a hospitality area, a logistics area, an administrative area, an 'artists' area, a backstage logistics area and two courtyards: a logistics courtyard and an entrance courtyard.

Lan Maillon Inauguration Cover

Grand opening

Théâtre du Maillon has opened on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of November. Both days were full of surprises: shows, performances, nocturnal visits and DJ sets. 

Lan Maillon Ville Cover

The theatre and the city

The Maillon has grown with the evolution of Strasbourg: from the development of new outlying districts in the 1970s to the revitalisation of a new urban centre at Wacken and the concurrent establishment of an urban continuity with its neighbours across the Rhine.​

Maillon Discours Cover

The president speech

On October 1st, President Emmanuel Macron pre-inaugurated the Théâtre du Maillon which he describes as "a magical place that can constantly reinvent itself, be reconfigured, remodeled."

Lan Maillon Makea Video Cover

Make A... and do it yourself

MAKE A is a veritable manifesto that aims to democratise furniture manufacturing without going through distributors and to empower consumers to become co-designers.

Lan Maillon Histoire

Maillon's History

Théâtre du Maillon, originally known as the Maillon Cultural Centre, opened in 1978 in Hautepierre with the goal of spreading culture to the outlying neighbourhoods.

Maillon Signaletique Gris


In collaboration with the Maillon teams, we participated in the creation of a neutral and monochrome signage, designed by Atelie Poste 4, intended to merge into the walls of the building. Texts are written in GT America font and pictograms which will then be applied on the concrete.

Lan Maillon Chantier

The construction site

A look at the evolution of the construction site which started in October 2017 and ended in November 2019.

Lan Maillon Programme Cover


Dance, circus, theatre, live shows ... the Maillon offers a contemporary programme open to the world. The 2019/2020 season’s programme is now available.